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Kim Lee

R.E.A.C.H. West Coach/Volunteer

Kim Lee

Volunteer History: I have been team mom for my son, Lil James, Football, Basketball, and High School Football team for many years. I always supported and helped out with my other son, Keenan's, Special Olympic sports. I am Head Coach of the Special Olympic Basketball Team and Assistant Coach for Special Olympic Soccer, Football, Softball, Swimming, and Track and Field Teams. I also became team mom for my daughters Basketball Team.  I volunteer because I love helping out and being apart of all my children's sports. I've never been the mom who sits on the side lines. I just can't help but be a part of anything my kids are a part of.

Awards: I've received awards for being Team Mom for my childrens sports.

Work/Education Experience: Before children, I worked as a Nursing Assistant and studied Nursing to Challenge the board to be an LVN. My dad got sick with cancer so I stopped so I could care for him at home. Several years later, my mom broke her hip and her health declined so I stayed home to take care of her.

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